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Curving lightning

Tight curves Blend in the building for long lasting solution

Use one of our off-the-shelf flexible extruded housings or let us develop a custom extruded housing, combine with our tailored resin, and we can match a targeted CCT and color coordinates with the best quality light output.
Design tight curves with the combination of our ENCAPLED Polyurethane and flexible housing. Thanks to their intrinsic flexibility you can get up to 150mm radius.
By blending your strips in buildings, you can achieve different finishing and gloss levels and notice only when the lights are on.
Long lasting, durable, highest IP protection.

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From flexible housing to LED FLEXI STRIPES

1    Fold up the flexible housing in the molding gig.

2   Place and fix the LED PCB circuit in the housing.

3   Dispense the ENCAPLED resin in layer according to your specifications.

4   Let cure, and the profile and the resins are ready for use.