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The advantages of ENCAPLED resins for lighting


Polyurethane thermoset 2K resin, highly transparent, crystal clear
100% solids, NO VOC
Translucent additives, colored additives, translucent layering topcoat
NO TOXICITITY, very low monomer content.


Stability under harsh environmental conditions
Weather resistant UV light stability
Protection against shock, impact and vibration
Wear resistance Abrasion resistance
Chemical resistance, unaffected by cleaning agents


High optical transparency
CCT shift handling
Light chromaticity coordinates management
Translucent finishing with high luminous efficacy
Good thermal dissipation for thermal management


Easy to mix and process
Low shrinkage
Low exothermic profile
Real satin finish
Layering resin enhancing performances
Different hardnesses fitting a wide range of market requirements
Different viscosities to match the complexity of designs

The chemical base

ENCAPLED chemicals are polyurethane thermoset two components resin, 100% reactive solids with NO VOC.
Main hardener and resin are suitable to produce a crystal clear highly transparent protective polymer.
They can be flexible or rigid.
Opal or colored translucent additives can be mixed in the main resin to create a bulk translucent polymer or a translucent top coating sitting on top of the clear polymer.

ENCAPLED products are sustainable for people including no toxicity low monomer hardener.
NO VOC is always an important factor not only for the handling and safety of the people working with the resin, but also for the performances of the package you are building up.

Reliable performances

ENCAPLED resin protects the lighting electronics improving a naked IP20 LED luminary into a rugged IP68 product.
Encapsulating with ENCAPLED resin provides your luminaries with stability under harsh environmental conditions, weather resistance, UV light stability, protection against shock, impact and vibration, wear and abrasion resistance.
Thanks to its chemical resistance detergents and cleaning products will leave your luminaries unaffected.

The low water absorption makes ENCAPLED Resin ideal for marine environments, swimming pools and high humidity environments.
ENCAPLED resin are protecting the lightning electronics against corrosion due to weathering and moisture, as well as against mechanical stress or chemicals such as detergents and disinfectants.
ENCAPLED resins are used to seal, embed and encapsulate electronic components and circuits which are part of LED linear modules, LED flexible lightening and LED fixtures

Optical and Lighting

Color-Dec carefully considers the optical properties of the polymer obtained when ENCAPLED resin is polymerized.
Encapsulate LED typically reveal a deviation of their chromatic coordinates relative to
the original naked LED specifications. This typical situation is also known as CCT shift, an encapsulated warm LED will show up with a cooler light than original LED specs.

Selecting the proper resin formulation, taking into consideration the thickness and the color of the encapsulate polymer the light chromaticity and CCT can be managed in order to achieve the target lightning specs.
A translucent finish with a real satin finish can be obtained hiding LED spots, granting light uniformity with high light output.


Is polyurethane working better than other encapsulants?
Polyurethane covers a wider range of applications since it can be soft as a silicon or hard as epoxy.
Polyurethane provides better bonding and adhesion on substrates and a lower water vapor permeability.
With polyurethane, chemical resistance is not an issue and, last but not the least, it provides an economical solution matching performance and costs.

The ENCAPLED resin highlights


Soft resin 25ShD, 30ShD

Highly flexible

Rigid finishing resin 80ShD inground walkable lightning

Increased scratchproof on hard coatings


Extended pot life resin ideal for manual application

Fast curing, short pot life ideal with automatic mixing and dispensing machines

Low exothermic profile properly designed for big amount casting with less heat and reduced shrinkage


Low viscosity

Improved wetting


Transparent water clear

Translucent opal finishing, light diffusing

Matt finishing

Pigmented resin white, black


-40C / + 90C

-40C / + 110C


No toxic