COLOR-DEC LED dispensing units, and automated robotic units, are designed to be modular and upgradable.

PU-based casting resins always have to be protected from moisture during processing, since the curing components react with water. To produce high quality polymers, the use of a dispensing machine equipped with proper raw material degassing and storage system is highly recommended.

Additionally in the LED encapsulation process there is a large variety of possibilities and the use of a programmable gear- pump automatic mixing and dosing machine is the best industrial solution. The ENCAPLED 400GP4 equipment is an example of an LED encapsulation dispensing machine.

The 400GP4 can be used as a standalone metering and dispensing unit or used in combination with XYZ Cartesian robotic units. The 400GP4 can be configured to use up to six ingredients, which permits a wide variety of encapsulation possibilities.
Ingredients combinations are based on adjustable and preset ratios each one of them can be easily saved and recalled on demand.

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LED Encapsulation process

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