LED Encapsulation is a technological innovation. The ENCAPLED process that can help you face the challenges of special designs required to meet market demand.
ENCAPLED polyurethane resin protects luminaries without multi-part enclosures and gaskets.
The result is a seamless appearance with simple and aesthetically clean designs. High durability encapsulation resins is a key factor.
ENCAPLED polyurethanes are the perfect centerpiece to step up durability while maintaining excellent optical performances and creating stunning designs.

The ultimate solution for many purposes

There are many industrial and outdoor uses demanding high protection such as ATEX areas, industrial rugged lighting for equipment like CNC machines, outdoor street illumination, chemically protected LED fixtures, etc… Aluminum profiles used for linear LED applications on building facade, monuments and landscapes, ambient lightning, in-ground walkable lighting, swimming pools, etc. Flexible LED lighting applications on building facade, monuments and landscapes, ambient lighting, swimming pools, etc. Marine Applications such as signs, nameplates, detail profiling, yacht light cluster, Exterior IP66 Downlights, step lighting, courtesy lighting, IP68 Underwater Lighting, LED Yacht Signs and Names. To change your LED into a DURABLE LED LIGHTNING you will need to cast our Encapsulation Resins by using one among our wide range of Encapled Dispensing Equipment.

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